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Whether you are a trained athlete or a complete beginner— it's easy to become a member of the CrossFit Twente family. Learn more on how we will guide you from an introduction lesson into our regular classes.

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During our Intro Class, we'll give you a look into what we do at CrossFit Twente. Whilst talking about your objectives and achieving them, we'll give you a tour of the facility. One of our highly qualified coaches will thereafter guide you through a beginner-friendly session. Hey, don't worry. You don't have to be in shape to attend this first class. After finishing the workout, we'll take time to answer all your questions.

As soon as you have finished your first lesson at CrossFit Twente, we'll prepare you for our regular group classes and/or personal training during a Fundamentals Course. During this course - designed for people with little to no experience in training and/or CrossFit - you will learn about the methodology and fundamental movements of CrossFit, the basics of Gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting, nutrition, and the culture in our gym.

During the beginner course, we'll teach you the most important techniques used for most CrossFit movements. Note: the Intro Class and Fundamentals Course are meant for members with limited to no experience. If you have more than six months of experience with CrossFit, you won't need to attend these classes. Still, we would love to welcome you in attending a trial lesson to see if CrossFit Twente is the gym you are looking for.