House Rules

At CrossFit Twente, we look after our beautiful CrossFit Church and each other to make sure everyone can have the best experience whilst working out.

  • If you want to introduce someone to CrossFit Twente, please do this during the first and second intro classes of the intro classes cycle. Do not take newbies to regular classes without notice, ask the trainer.

  • Register for the intro class. We can handle 16 new guests maximum per class. This is to ensure we can keep on offering a high quality introductionary course.

  • Take a towel with you. Use it for ab mat sit ups and bench presses.

  • Clean up any sweaty spots you made on the floor.

  • Do not do burpees or push ups on the gymnastic mats, or lie down on them when you are sweaty! These mats are too big for the washing machine.

  • Clean up after yourselves, but have some respect and wait until everybody finished their WOD. Instead of leaving, cheer them on.