Intro Course

In a small group setting we will teach you the principles behind the methodology and how to perform the movements safely, effective and with good technique. So you can get the most out of our CrossFit program.



In a small group setting our Coaches will teach you the movements and principles required to get the most out of our CrossFit training program. This course is designed for beginners and is adjustable for all fitness levels. Besides the foundational movements we will also teach our view on lifestyle, sleep and nutrition. The course consists of 5 sessions:

If you are unable to make it to one of these classes you can catch up in the next course or in a 1-on-1 session. After all five classes are completed you are ready to join our CrossFit group classes.

If you have experience with CrossFit you may be able to skip the Intro Course. Please contact us and we will arrange a personal assessment.


  • Tuesday March 3 at 19.00
  • Tuesday March 17 at 19.00
  • Tuesday March 31 at 19.00

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There is always something new to learn. Training at CrossFit Twente is never boring or repetitive. The coaches give suggestions for exercises and weights, so that you get the best results from every session.

Gianni Esposito, Member